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How to resign guide

By: Bill Wednieski The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come; you’ve been offered a new role!  Now, comes the sucky part. You have to voluntarily resign from your current position, and the most amicable way to do so is with a resignation letter and giving proper notice. Not only does your resignation letter […]

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resume tips

Resume tips for success

By: Anna Wierda  In the realm of job hunting, your resume is often your first impression to potential employers. A well-crafted resume can open doors to new opportunities, while a poorly constructed one might harm your chances. Don’t jeopardize your chances, ensure your resume makes a positive impact with these tips. Personal information & file […]

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job offer

Disappointing job offer(s)

By: Rachel Williams As a dedicated recruiter, it pains me to see a skilled candidate receive a job offer that doesn’t meet their expectations. When this happens, I can sense their enthusiasm fading away through the phone. Despite all their hard work, the offer falls short of exciting them about the next step in their […]

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We can’t help everyone

I do love what I do. In this profession, one of the very special moments is delivering a great offer for a transformative opportunity to an over-the-moon excited candidate. It simply never gets old helping companies find great candidates that fit perfectly. The same goes for finding and securing a highly capable candidate who was […]

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Don’t let these interviewer tendencies make you hire the wrong person

How does this sound? You’re a hiring manager, and you regularly keep the best candidates interested in your company, bring the best candidates on as your newest team members, and bring efficiency to your hiring process. Amazing, right?  To live that reality, discernment is key. You’ll need to see and understand not only the tendencies […]

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