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So, what is a headhunter anyway?

The term recruiter is broad. Too broad. There are many types of recruiters such as internal recruiters, external recruiters, RPO or recruitment process outsourcing, and then there are The Headhunters! Internal recruiters are straightforward, these people work directly for a company and frequently have a title that includes “talent acquisition.” External recruiters, RPO, and headhunters […]

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Drop it likes it’s hot

By: Bill Wednieski Cannabis is getting crushed. In the investing world a bear market is defined as a prolonged period of depressed pricing. Bear markets come about in weak or softening economies. The cannabis industry in general is currently in this predicament, and acutely so in Michigan. The good news about being a recruiter, CPA, attorney […]

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The worst employees ever

By: Bill Wednieski   The Headhunters, LLC is only a few years old but we are racking up some truly entertaining and head-scratching personal stories from our clients. All of the stories compiled below are real. Some of the stories led to clients reaching out for help on a new search, some are from executives […]

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Buy American, Buy Local

By: Bill Wednieski Last March I was reading in Crain’s Detroit Business that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) was conducting an executive search for its next CEO using the large national firm Korn Ferry. This really irked me. The very core principle of the MEDC is to drive Michigan economic activity, and no less […]

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Salary compression for loyal employees

By: Bill Wednieski A notable personal observation and trend has emerged over the past year. Record inflation is not news. Candidates switching jobs and locking up generous compensation offers is likewise not news. What feels like news to me (and what is not talked about enough, by the way) is the loyal hiring managers hiring […]

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Candidate Tips for Delicately Handling Salary Negotiations

By Bill Wednieski Most candidates would rather stick their heads in a vise than negotiate compensation. Salary negotiations are not generally pleasant for either the job candidate or employer. Every single situation is different – please keep reading below for how I assess each one: Do you want the job and have they offered it […]

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