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At The Headhunters, LLC we specialize in the recruitment of strong candidates to fulfill the needs of our clients

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Our expertise is in deeply understanding the needs of our clients, and aligning their needs with the right candidate for the job. From mid-level hires to executives, for companies in Michigan and beyond, we are The Headhunters.


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We take the time to understand our clients and candidates by building rapport, meeting face-to-face, and developing long-lasting professional relationships.

Bill was fantastic to work with as a recruiter! He was supportive and provided great feedback and communication as I went through the interview process. He was encouraging and really took the time to understand my professional goals and how it would fit with potential new employers. Thank you so much!

I had an amazing experience working with Bill and Anna to land my new position! They both were extremely helpful and supportive during the interview process, and they provided me with tips and feedback to give me the best chance possible at receiving the job offer. I have always been hesitant to use recruiting services in the past, but The Headhunters proved that my previous judgements were so wrong. I would not have my current job without their help! Thank you thank you thank you!

I've never gone through a recruiter before to find new opportunities. However, I'm glad Headhunters were my first experience! Sam and Bill helped me throughout the entire process to make sure I got the best opportunity that suited my needs and career goals. They were always transparent and gave excellent advice at every step. Thank you Headhunters!

Working alongside Rachel and William from The Headhunting Agency was an extraordinary experience that played a pivotal role in securing my job. Their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication were truly exceptional. They invested time in comprehending my goals, presented me with remarkable job opportunities and growth prospects, and provided invaluable guidance throughout the entire process. Their meticulous attention to detail, prompt communication, and unwavering support were absolute game changers that truly set them apart. Their relentless dedication made all the difference in my journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel and William to anyone in need of job placement assistance. Thank you for your exceptional support!

I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with Anna from The Headhunters, LLC. Amazing communication during the entire process of initial phone call to interview and beyond. The expertise of matching my resume with a role that I would never have even thought I would be a good fit for was outstanding. If you are looking for a job or trying to find the right candidate for a role I would highly recommend The Headhunters, LLC. Anna is great to work with!

Excellent experience with Anna as a recruiter. She was the perfect amount of thorough and encouraging without being overwhelming (like so many recruiters can be). She didn't try to talk me into trying roles I wasn't interested in and helped me make a great change in my life. Thank you so much!

Anna and Bill we’re both AMAZING to work with. Communication was frequent and extremely helpful from initial application to final interview. Most importantly, The Headhunters, LLC helped me land my dream job for this point in my career. I couldn’t be happier with the experience, which was very different from any other recruiters I have worked with throughout my job search!

Bill is extremely knowledgeable, personable and diligent, a true pleasure to work with. He made our search easy and efficient. He completely exceeded our expectations. With his team's assistance, we were quickly able to hire someone who is a wonderful addition to our team.

Kristin Richter

Kristin Richter

I worked with Bill and landed my next opportunity with his assistance. Bill was excellent to work with. Very good communicator, straight forward and easy to talk with. In a very short amount of time I felt like I had known him for years.

David Benson

David Benson

Working with Bill and The Headhunters was honestly the best experience I have had with a recruiter for professional placement. They are directly responsible for getting me hired into my current dream job.

Ryan Connolly

Ryan Connolly