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Is your “office space” still in your kitchen?

at-home office space

5 tips to thriving and not just surviving in an at-home office.

42% of the US labor force is now working remote. The likeliness of companies carrying on remote work is fairly high, with an estimated savings of about $11,000/year for every person who works remotely even half of the time!* So, let’s get a bit more comfortable working in our living spaces.

Here are 5 tips to thriving and not just surviving in an at-home office:

  1. Designate a space specifically for work.

    Get off the couch, take your laptop off of the kitchen counter, find a space that gives you energy and has good light if possible. You finally have the opportunity to get the coveted window seat at the office. Capitalize!

  2. Ergonomics is key!

    Are you hunching over your laptop at your kitchen table while your left cheek is going numb? Take the time to assess your line of site, whether it’s getting a computer monitor to hook up to your laptop for a better visual or propping your laptop on a mount to improve the line of site, AND invest in an adjustable office chair that has good support. Your back and eyes will thank you!

  3. None of this is possible without technology!

    I’m sure at this point you have a computer and cell phone, but what other small additions can make a big difference without breaking the bank?! Here are a few things I’ve invested in and have spent just shy of $370. Wireless keyboard and mouse set ($45)– Tip: make sure it has a good response time or your keys won’t keep up with your fingers. Also, the combo set allows you to plug in only one receiver. Wireless headset with good sounds quality– I chose the Apple AirPods ($140) because I like a little more bang for my buck. Tip: You can also get a nice wireless headset from Amazon for around $40. High quality monitor ($140)– I found an open box 24” HP on sale. Tip: Don’t forget to make sure your monitor hookup is compatible with your laptop or tablet. You may also need a special dock or HDMI adaptor. I bought a dock ($39) and it fits my monitor, keyboard/mouse receiver, phone charger, and has space for a mini USB.

  4. Take a lunch break! Study: 90% of employees who take regular lunch breaks are more productive. Take scheduled breaks throughout the day. And for the love of a clean keyboard, eat lunch away from your desk.
  5. Last but not least, get ready for the day as if you were going to the office. Get up at the same time daily, make coffee, get out of those jam jams and put on some pants! Trust me you’ll feel more primed for work and less primed for naps.

In conclusion, these are all things I have implemented and what I’ve found is an increase in motivation, energy levels and therefore productivity. Not all things working from home are ideal nor controllable, but the 5 tips above are 100% something you can take charge of for a better professional you.


Recruiter Bill Wednieski is the Managing Director for The Headhunters. Learn more here.

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