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A playbook for landing your dream job


So, you’ve landed an interview for that dream job, congratulations! Now, before you start panicking, let’s break down the playbook for landing the job.

Nailing the basics

It’s always best to start by stalking – I mean, thorough research of course! Peruse the company’s website, skim through recent news, and pay a visit to their social media. A company’s “About Us” webpage should give you the lowdown on their background, goals, and values. Make sure you understand this along with their products, services, and the industry landscape they thrive in before the initial interview. Don’t overlook giving your interviewer’s LinkedIn page a visit to hunt for commonalities and potential ways to build rapport or inquire about their experience with the company or how they got their start. 

Job description analysis 

One of the most underrated interview practices is utilizing the job description as your cheat sheet. This can help guide you to highlight your most relevant skills and experiences and gives you an opportunity to tailor your story by aligning your responses with the specific skills and attributes they’re seeking. Your goal is to weave a seamless narrative that showcases how you’re the perfect puzzle piece the company is seeking.

Get your story straight 


Be prepared to explain why you want to part ways with your current employer. If your current employer treats you like trash, it’s best to avoid bad-mouthing, no matter how hard that may be. If you bad-mouth your current employer, this shows the interviewer you would potentially do it to them. It’s not always fair, but it’s the reality. Also, it’s crucial to explain why you are specifically interested in the role. Pro-tip, “I am just applying to a ton of jobs” is not what any hiring manager wants to hear. Or even worse, “What is this one for again?” 

Prepare questions

Let’s flip the script, interviews aren’t just about answering questions; they’re also about asking them, and not some typical questions you find on Google five minutes before the interview. Make sure to prepare insightful questions that demonstrate your interest. As a recruiter, some of my favorites include: 

  • Who would I be reporting to? What can you tell me about them?
  • How is success measured here? 
  • How does this position align with opportunities for advancement within the company? 

Dress for success

Dressing appropriately isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s your way of saying, “Hey, I belong here!” Adapting your attire to match the company’s style helps to show that you’ve taken the time to understand and respect the company’s culture. With that being said, checking the company’s vibe is crucial. Keep an eye out for these clues during your company research. For example, are they a suit-and-tie kind of crew or do they embrace a jeans-and-sneakers culture? Aim to match the company’s dress code, leaning slightly towards the polished and conservative end of the spectrum. You’re not just dressing for the role; you’re dressing for your future success. 

Master punctuality, whether in-person or virtual

You must account for potential roadblocks, detours, and the occasional “Are you kidding me?” traffic jam. Arriving early isn’t just about punctuality; it’s a testament to your commitment and reliability. Plus, if your interview is virtual, logging in a few minutes ahead of time gives you a valuable moment to collect your thoughts, check your setup, and take a deep breath before it’s go time. Whether you’re physically entering the interview room or virtually joining the conversation, punctuality sets the tone to be a top candidate.

Now, go get your dream job! 

Armed with insider knowledge, thoughtful questions, and confidence, you’re ready to take on the interview. Remember, it’s not just about facing the questions; it’s about genuineness and presenting the best version of yourself – the candidate who’s done their homework, values the opportunity, and is ready to contribute wholeheartedly. 

Best of luck on your interview journey – you’ve got this!


headhunter Anna Wierda is a recruiter for The Headhunters. Learn more here.

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