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dope business

How did I get into the dope business?

How did I get into the dope business? By: Bill Wednieski When one door closes another door opens In 2018, prior to cofounding The Headhunters I was the CFO of a financial services firm that had just struck a sweet deal to be acquired. The buyer was substantially larger and had their own CFO they […]

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why i joined the headhunters

Why I joined The Headhunters

By Jennifer Barnett The force is strong I’m no stranger to adventure. In the span of just one year- 2019 – I married my best friend, immediately moved to Traverse City, left a stable and rewarding recruiting career at Robert Half and started a sales position in a new field. I’ve always lived my life […]

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job red flags

Maybe you shouldn’t make that hire

Red flags for the hiring manager by Jennifer Barnett For better or worse you find yourself with an open seat on your team. Perhaps you’re replacing your #1 Allstar or perhaps this is an opportunity to hire up. Either way, hiring should not be taken lightly. Consider a new hire as important as a marriage […]

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job red flags

Maybe you shouldn’t take this job

Red Flags for the Candidate by Bill Wednieski   Great news: they want to interview you!   The job market ebbs and flows from a candidate’s market to an employer’s market, and sometimes it is a huge accomplishment just to be asked to interview. Congratulations on getting this far if you have been asked to […]

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Bill’s Story on Co-Founding The Headhunters, LLC

by Bill Wednieski An entrepreneur (at heart) all along For more than 20 years, I’ve been hiring and recruiting people. Whether it was on-campus interviewing during my early years in public accounting, or as my career progressed, I’ve always had an eye for talent. In large public companies, I’ve built kick-ass teams that exceeded expectations. For […]

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