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Why I joined The Headhunters

why i joined the headhunters

By Jennifer Barnett

The force is strong

I’m no stranger to adventure. In the span of just one year- 2019 – I married my best friend, immediately moved to Traverse City, left a stable and rewarding recruiting career at Robert Half and started a sales position in a new field. I’ve always lived my life with no regrets (I know some of you read that as “no ragrets”)  and with a confident, can-do attitude. Think: Rosie the Riveter but swap the bandana for a suit jacket. Even through the whirlwind and the excitement, I couldn’t help hearing this little voice in the back of my head saying there’s more to accomplish. When I really listened, I realized I missed recruiting. I missed the level of strategic involvement I once had. I figured only time would tell if I made the right decision, but for then I would live in the moment. The force pulling me back to the hidden gem of recruiting became stronger once this realization came to light.


The path to recruiting

Let’s back up. In 2014, after being in corporate sales for 5 years, I stumbled into recruiting by happenstance. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a new opportunity and I certainly didn’t think recruiting was a “sales” position. Turns out, I was wrong! Recruiting turned out to be the hidden gem of “sales” positions (although now I consider it more consulting than sales). I was afforded the opportunity to work for an amazing organization with even more amazing mentors and colleagues. Ryan Clark, being one of those colleagues that I respected in all aspects of the business. Ryan and I grew as recruiters and managers and worked alongside each other for over 5 years.


The end beginning

When I decided to leave the staffing industry and move to Traverse City in late 2019, Ryan and I kept in contact. I see now that the little voice in the back of my head knew I belonged back in recruiting. I thrive on the strategic conversations, enjoy helping companies and people and overall feel most fulfilled by the complexities of the business. When one door closes, another opens. With the uncertainty of the print media business I was newly in, it was time to re-evaluate and do some soul searching. Ryan and his Partner, Bill Wednieski, had fully formed The Headhunters by this time. After a few conversations I knew this was a team to be reckoned with. In a highly competitive industry, they not only have abnormally credible backgrounds, but also the drive and competitive nature to be successful. The opportunity to work with Ryan again and join a start-up with such a dynamic partnership soon proved to be a no- brainer. Our goals and differences align very well and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to contribute to the future success of The Headhunters. I would say, “the end”, but I know better. This is just the beginning of a very long and rewarding journey.


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