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Garrett’s Story: Why I Joined The Headhunters

by: Garrett Coleman

I am always up for new adventures, whether it’s exploring a new place or even moving to a new place; trying new foods, picking up a new sport to play or coach, or starting a new career. I find that seeking out new adventures makes life exciting. You can’t do something new unless you go out and try.

A sense of adventure

After being in the world of hospitality, technology sales, and product management the last 17 years, I decided to make an exciting change to the world of recruiting.  I have always had an interest in getting into recruiting where my communication and sales skills would be able to help businesses find rockstar candidates and candidates find roles that fit their abilities.

What gets me to my desk

Being able to be a difference-maker in people’s lives both on the business/client side and with candidates has been the most rewarding thing in my recruiting career, especially during these tough times. What gets me to my desk every morning is knowing I have an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life, be that a candidate or a client.

Parallels of coaching and recruiting

Being that “middleman” in between the client and candidate reminds me of why I coached lacrosse in California at the youth and high school level for over 10 years. The coaching (and teaching that went along with it) and helping the players grow and succeed both on and off the field and move on to bigger and better things after the sport was my reward, not just winning games.  The same goes into the sales and account management side of my career, prior to recruiting. My ability to adapt and identify the needs of companies/clients due to the market trends, changing technologies, and company processes has allowed me work with some amazing people, teams, and companies.  In working with those groups, I have excelled at building lasting professional and personal relationships within my network. The similarities to recruiting coming from both my sales and coaching has made the switch go smoothly.

My path to The Headhunters

In the summer of 2021, my family and I made a bold and exciting move to relocate to Rochester Hills, Michigan from California. I decided to leave the sales and distribution side of the industry and made a career change to the world of recruiting.  Once my family and I were settled, Bill and I connected to begin discussing how I might fit into The Headhunters’ growth path. I remember talking about how our different paths and professional backgrounds in the business spectrum could bring a robust set of skills to The Headhunters’ clients, and we agreed I’d be a good match for success to keep driving the business forward. With our goals and hunger for success aligning, a new journey has begun with Bill and I at The Headhunters.

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