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Game-changing Hiring Practices 

By: Bill Wednieski According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, the average turnover rate in the U.S. is about 12% to 15% annually. That means a company will lose between one in six or eight employees each year. (In your next staff meeting try not to wonder about who could leave looking around at your team’s faces […]

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You LinkedIn profile should work for you

How to create a rock-solid LinkedIn profile

By Bill Wednieski We are all busy In 2018, Ladders, Inc. published a study that recruiters spend an average of 7.4 seconds reviewing a resume. I’m confident that my team and I do better than that, but honestly, hopeless resumes don’t get much more than 15 seconds with some of those extra seconds just out […]

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counteroffers negotiation

Counteroffers: To accept or not to accept; that is the question

By Jennifer Barnett What’s the process to getting counteroffers, anyway? Let me tell you… it’s a time consuming and stressful road. Before you even get to counteroffers, you have to get an offer from another company. That means you’ve gone through the effort of updating an attractive resume, applying to countless jobs, and taking time […]

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cannabis jobs

A Cannabis Industry Snapshot

A Cannabis Industry Snapshot By: Bill Wednieski Lose the Stigma For a Growing and Legal Industry As of February 2021, more than half of U.S. states have legalized cannabis or marijuana sales either through passed legislation or voter-led initiatives. In general, first comes legalized medical cannabis sales to patients followed by adult use or recreational […]

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job market

Candidate or Employer’s Job Market?

March 2021: Candidate or Employer’s Job Market? By: Ryan Clark, Managing Director What a change 2020 brought to the U.S. job market! During the span of just a few months, most states in the U.S. went from historically low unemployment rates in February 2020 to historically high unemployment rates by April 2020.  According to the […]

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dope business

How did I get into the dope business?

How did I get into the dope business? By: Bill Wednieski When one door closes another door opens In 2018, prior to cofounding The Headhunters I was the CFO of a financial services firm that had just struck a sweet deal to be acquired. The buyer was substantially larger and had their own CFO they […]

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why i joined the headhunters

Why I joined The Headhunters

By Jennifer Barnett The force is strong I’m no stranger to adventure. In the span of just one year- 2019 – I married my best friend, immediately moved to Traverse City, left a stable and rewarding recruiting career at Robert Half and started a sales position in a new field. I’ve always lived my life […]

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job red flags

Maybe you shouldn’t make that hire

Red flags for the hiring manager by Jennifer Barnett For better or worse you find yourself with an open seat on your team. Perhaps you’re replacing your #1 Allstar or perhaps this is an opportunity to hire up. Either way, hiring should not be taken lightly. Consider a new hire as important as a marriage […]

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